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Tuesday, December 23, 2008,


I am looking for these Ralph Lauren tote bags. IS ANYONE SELLING?
I only want authentic ones. Please let me know if you have! Thank you!

Take a leap of faith.
@ 12:24 AM

Sunday, December 14, 2008,

Pulau Ubin Trip
Yesterday morning went Pulau Ubin with bf & his family.
Before going to the jetty, had breakfast at Changi village market.
From there we head to Pulau Ubin..
Very nice seaside uh.

Bf & i ride all the way to some village to get drinks & see wild pig (shan zhu)

Get cold drinks from here!

Just the both of us ride to get drinks & passby this little water lily pond.

Under the hot sun, he's unwillingly to take photos with me. Lol.

After so many hours of riding, my butt, legs & back hurts like hell.
Well done.

Take a leap of faith.
@ 10:52 PM

Tuesday, December 09, 2008,

I've been trying to change for the better, why is this still happening.
What's wrong, i know im not as smart as them nor i have the look.
But why. Even how serious you are, but why is this still happening.

I really feel that nobody's true. Thats when i've no trust in anyone.
I only trust myself, i dare not trust others.
I'm afraid that if i would to trust that person that much, one day if he would to betray my trust i would never trust anyone again.

Even minors mistake that people lied, from the day i'll never trust the person again.
It's so hard for me to trust someone. Too hard for me that people break promises.

I finally stands up, becos of you. Now, i dont want to falls again.

Take a leap of faith.
@ 12:33 PM

Sunday, December 07, 2008,


沒有邏輯 誰能說明總以為
我們是 地球的南北兩極直到 分開旅行

原來我 愛著你總是愛捉弄我
沒什麼道理緣份來臨 措手不及
我們是 地球的南北兩極直到 分開旅行

原來我 愛著你是我笨得可以


Take a leap of faith.
@ 10:07 PM

Thursday, December 04, 2008,

Finally i've the time to blog again! I've lots of photos to present.
Lilian's birthday surprise celebration. Last Saturday was lilian's birthday, Chek wee & I actually planned to give her a surprise. At first i say i'll meet her @ Vivo. In the end i turn up @ chek wee's house. She was surprise to see me with her birthday cake & present.

Chek wee was the chef of the day. He cooked dinner for us specially for lilian's birthday.
& i bought awfully chocolate cake for her.

Very nice uh. Simple & nice. She likes it.

Hope she did enjoy her 18th Birthday that chek wee & I planned to celebrate for her.


Today finally is my off day, like dont know how i haven't had a good rest.
Everyday high blood pressure by customers. My blood will shoot up to very high.
& anytime will burst. Last Sunday was worst that customers were really testing my patience.

Take a leap of faith.
@ 12:40 PM

Tuesday, November 25, 2008,

I've new hairstyle which i dont like. Last week i went to rebond with mian & her sis.
& i told the hair dresser i want to cut my hair slightly shorter, cos my hair too long. Ended up i guess, we've some communication break down or she dont understand what im trying to say.

My hair become so.. SHORT!

I was so bloody sad that my hair became so short, i miss my long hair. I've never cut so short before. Arse that auntie. The rebonding is good. Cheap somemore. I only pay for $108 for Shiseido rebonding with treatment & do put some cry on highlight to prevent frizzy hair.

Another sad thing is, this whole week i need to work till midnight 12 am.

Is this position all the way till 12 am. Sad man.

Take a leap of faith.
@ 12:00 PM

Friday, November 14, 2008,

Sigh, i just get to know my friend passed away few weeks ago.
Im always the last to know this. I just bumped to her few months back at ps. When she saw she even hugged me before she leave the place. Sigh. I feel really sorry for her.

RIP precious, beth.

Take a leap of faith.
@ 12:19 AM

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