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Saturday, April 29, 2006,

0kays, i`m b0red . decided t0 bl0g n0w .
its 10.32am in the m0rning .
decided n0t t0 g0 0ut t0dae,
exams is juz tis c0ming tues,
and i`m w0rking 0n m0ndae . =.=
but m0rning shift and mh` nite shift .
sat is a dae tat i hate t0 stay at h0me .
but i hab n0 ch0ice, c0z i haben study yet .
aniwae i`m getting my pay s0on ! 4th !! xD
g0nna spend it 0n sh0pping . lalala`s*
by the way, g0nna buy d0se stuff tat i nid f0r KL trip .

last nite, gt t0 received my hp bill .
its 0nli $52.4o !! 0H MY G0D . !
i was sh0cked !! i asked my mum,
" yours isz ? "
she ans " n0. YOURS "
0MG, I T0T WAS $100+
but is 0nli 50+ !! she asked mie t0 pay myself .
eeeeeek, its s0o cheap n0w can .

last nite gt t0 hab a bad bad dream .
i dreamt tat, dearie kept ign0re mie,
and cares f0r an0ther ger .
i gt s0o pissed 0ff, and went 0ff .
LOL, its t0opid lars, tat idi0tic dream .
but tat dream made mie realize tat,
i can`t aff0rt t0 l0se him .

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@ 10:50 AM

Thursday, April 27, 2006,

i`m finally here t0 bl0g . =D
juz hab my bl0ody english 0ral . @!#$%^&*(
pissed 0ff man . didn`t d0 well . arghs .
tat bl0ody ms tan . fark her . tmd;knn .
she says, i read th0se w0rds 0ne by 0ne . wtf ~
she`s the 0ne hu wanted ask t0 read wit the "s" . "ed"
i juz feel lyk slapping her . even winst0n, she failed him .
i d0n n0e wats wr0ng wit her man . nuts 0r wat .
its lyk, even yest mian dey all get t0 take their 0ral 0s0,
and she tis m0rning c0mplaint t0 the class tat,
al0t 0f dem yest didn`t d0 well . =.=
wat the hell . it was hard i can say . but its lyk . wtf ?
0kays, i d0n wanna t0k abt her anim0re . ahhhh .

i hab been w0rking f0r 2 daes at cp . (:
frm 4pm - 10pm . but i`m 0waes late .
n0t i wanted . c0z 0f my t0opid knee cap lar .
tats why . summ0re kept raining .
but it was juz training at cp 0nli .
g0ing t0 be realli w0rking at tamp .
aniwae is still quite t0 g0 ~

exams is c0ming realli veri s0on .
juz NEXT WK ! tues g0nna be my eng paper1 .
i haben even study yet . wth .
i hab been being veri plaeful, these few m0nths .
i d0n wanna regret, but i`m juz t0o lazy .
g0nna study f0r dese few daes .
if n0t the KL trip during june g0nna be VANISHED .

last 2 daes was the 1st m0nth wit darling .
g0t t0 bake cake, and gt him sumting . yeas .
he went t0 suntec mintmark&co. and gt mie
a ring . f0r 0ur 1st m0nth . ! xD ~
was surprised . thanks dear ~

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@ 6:30 PM

Thursday, April 20, 2006,

h0h0s ! gd news man ! juz n0w i went t0 see my hp bill . 0MG .
i was sh0cked . i t0t my eyes pa jia0x . LOL . c0z feb was 0nli $50+
i went t0 called up starhub and verify tat is my hp bill tat cheap !?
LOL, its REAL ! 1st time can . but last m0nth was $80+ . =[
but n0t tat bad nahs . is n0t $100+ can ler .
call my mum and t0ld tat t0 her . den i`ll be paying tis m0nth`s .
0mgg, i afraid tat tis m0nth`s will be ex !
nvm, i`m g0ing t0 get my pay frm auntie s0on .
tis end 0f april . w0ots ~

t0dae marmie`s b`dae ! xD ~
0rder the g0lden pill0w f0r dinner ! =DD
LOVE my REAL marmie !

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@ 6:19 PM

Tuesday, April 18, 2006,

i`m w0ndering h0w c0me i can c0ntr0l my temper s0o well ?
h0w c0me !? if i`m the last time mie .
i`m sure tat i will be unreas0nable .
n0w its lyk, i`m veri reas0nable !? LOL . bhb*

HAIS* al0t 0f tings is happening aniwae .
dere's bad and gd 0nes . but m0st 0f it are all bad 0nes .
lyk last nite, deres sumting unhappi happened .
but the first 0ne hu i t0t 0f t0king t0 is lilian ?
0h 0h 0h ! my 11yrs sista !
its been age the last time i met her man .
but n0w tings are all settled .
deres peace btw schmates n0w . deres happi ending . (:
hmmms . but deres sumting bad happened again ?
i`m n0t g0ing t0 bl0g it 0ut . i ch0ose n0t t0 .
later g0ing plaza t0 l0ok f0r b`dae cake f0r marmie .
her b`dae is c0ming s0on . haben gt her aniting yet . =x

i`m letting g0 my cl0thes all d0se .
tat bl0g is d0ne . i upl0aded d0se pix 0readi .
will upl0ad m0re pix asap . (:
d0 visit, http://youshop.blogspot.com . thanks .

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@ 4:13 PM

Monday, April 17, 2006,

hohohos !
hmms . everyting's fine n0w .
i finally can bl0g ! xD ~
thanks people .

0h yea ! finally gt a j0b wit mh and ting .
finally can . but will be quite rush .
i will be w0rking at tamp man . =(
mh and ting will be w0rking at cp .
and i will be w0rking at tamp man .
but nvm . w0rking 0n 13th May !
people, muz c0me tamp mall and visit mie !!
will be w0rking al0ne dere, 0h my !

anyway, i`m letting g0 0f my cl0thes at a lowest price .
i f0und al0t 0f cl0thes 0f mine .
sum i didn`t w0re bef0re .
i d0n wish t0 gib 0ut all my cl0thes t0 0thers again .
betta den i can earn m0re m0ney $$$$ . xD ! $.$
* m0ney face * L.O.L ~

yest was fun man ! we all was like s0o childish .
aniwae its lyk rewind 0ur childh0od ~ LOL

kiddys ~


all in class tee . =D

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@ 5:17 PM

Tuesday, April 11, 2006,

awwws, juz came back frm pasa malam .
sengkang seems t0 hab al0t 0f pasa malam . lols .

juz n0w went pasa malam wit dearie and peeps . x)
we met ar0und 8plus . but all late .
we`re 0waes n0t 0n time . LOL .
was quite fun . =D

t0dae was realli veri tired .
1st peri0d was PE .
we changed and plae .
went t0 the fitness c0rner and slack .
sumh0w was f0oling ar0und . LOL .

mie, mh, mian and ting,
was lyk mad peeps .
we kept dancing and stuff . LOL .
i even ate my bread dere .
hahahahs ~

den chi, gt chi test .
nth muchh during chi less0n .

den maths, my g0d .
we kept singing .
its lyk every maths less0n,
we sure sing sang sung .
hohohos !

after sch stayed back .
wait f0r mian and meL .
dey disk was crashed .
mine was 0nli 0riginal 0ne .
lucky i still hab my backup .
their's all was crashed .
nid t0 re-do . yupps .

gt nth much t0 bl0g aniwae . =x

Take a leap of faith.
@ 10:22 PM

Saturday, April 08, 2006,

todae is the 2nd wit dearie . xD ~
w0ots* wakakas . lols .

t0dae went east c0ast park wit ..
dearie,mian, ting, mh, meL, wy, ben and zw .
gt l0rts 0f fun dere ~

at 1st we mit at cp 8.3o am .
but all was late . esp zw .
he was the latest .
than we went d0wn t0 Mac .
dearie b0ught mie my breakfast . =D

after tat we went t0 take bus 27 t0 tamp .
than we gt d0wn sumwhere near the inter .
den we t0ok bus 31 t0 east c0ast .
heard tat was a l0ng trip dere .
but wasn`t tat l0ng t0 get dere . yupp .

than we was at east c0ast park,
we went t0 rent the bicycles .
and dearie, ben and meL rent the r0ller blade .

mh and i was lyk crazy .
kept riding veri fast . my g0odness .
den we ride t0 the jetty .
everyb0dy was dere .

i was realli veri thristy !!
dearie went t0 the 7-11 and help mie buy water .
s0o mh and mian went t0o .

mh and peeps didn`t stay at the jetty f0r l0ng .
den dey went t0 sumwhere else and ride .
mie and dearie stays at the jetty f0r quite l0ng .
0mg . i was burnt by the sun !
was sun burnt man .

i`m veri veri veri tanned n0w . shit -
last wk juz went sent0sa and was sun burnt as well .
0readi veri tanned . tis time sat at the jetty,
was burnt again man .
i`m g0nna l0ok lyk a indian s0on . ahhhhhh .

when the time is up,
went t0 return the bicycles .
after tat is still early,
went t0 the beach and slack . lol*

hang awhile at the beach den we left .
den we headed t0 parkway parade .
went t0 hab 0ur lunch . hmmms*
after tat when t0 walk ar0und .

den went back h0me, bath and 0nline .
reached h0me ar0und 6plus .
den b4 i went 0ut .
wy t0ld mie tat dearie g0ing his hse .
den we t0gether g0 pasa malam .
ting and mian waited f0r veri l0ng i tink ?
lols* opps .

after the pasa malam den we back .
gt a great dae* xD

Take a leap of faith.
@ 10:08 PM

Wednesday, April 05, 2006,

h0peless mie*
i felt veri h0peless dese few daes, i d0n n0e why . i`m lyk neglecting everyting ar0und mie, even peeps ar0und ? wtf . hais . f0rget it . ahhhhs . d0n realli gt the m0od t0 bl0g . d0n n0e wat t0 bl0g as well . i`m b0red . i find sch sucks . i find myself making my lyfe s0o scuks . ahhhhhhhhh, bl0g tml bahs . byes ~

Take a leap of faith.
@ 4:41 PM

Saturday, April 01, 2006,

awwwws . t0dae was a great dae f0r mie ! xDD . m0rning w0ke up bath and prepared and headed t0 eat . den met mian deyy all . we can`t g0 in, was st0pped by the security guard man . can`t wear slippers in . s0o we decided d0n g0 f0r tuiti0n den . s0o we headed t0 cp and mit wy, dearie deyy all yeas . we walked ar0und . and went t0 sent0sa . t0okk the shuttle bus and stuff . plae wit the water . was veriii fun . i 0readi prepared t0 be tanned back . T.T ~ hhaas . t0ok al0t 0f pictures . later g0nna upl0ad . we was dere till 3plus . and went t0 sh0wer and headed back t0 SK . s0o we went t0 f0odc0urt and eat . after habing 0ut dinner, dearie went d0n n0e where wit ben . den we went d0wn t0 the 1st fl0or and wait f0r dem . den dearie gave mie r0ses . 0MG . i was s0o sh0cked . tat i " HUH !!?!? " LOL . s0o swit !!!!! he makes mie melt, i was realli veriiiiiiii surprise; kept smiling awayy . l0ls ~ ! xDD , den we went pungg0l plaza . ben wans t0 eat . den meL came . c0mplaints abt her parents . l0ls . den ben and dearie l0oking at each 0ther and luffing, den dearie say he l0se . den we asked wat ting ? wat l0st and win ? den dearie t0ld us tat, when dearie buying the r0ses . ben said tat, d0n tink i will accept it . den dey bet . LOL . c0z i did accept it . aniwae its realli veriiiii swit 0f him . xDD !
we watched DVD at meL`s hse till 10 plus ? den went back . =DD

dearie gave mie tis , <33

mie & dearie in the sea [ i l0oked s0o funni ]

ben and meL, playing wit the sand . HAHA

i t0ok tis when dearie l0oked away . LOL

Take a leap of faith.
@ 11:51 PM

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