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Thursday, November 29, 2007,


PMS cum moodswing again . arghhs .

Sigh, i'm graduating very very soon . I'm gonna miss Bishan Ite . =(
I used to complain so much that i wanna leave the school .
But now, i'm leaving . I'll be missing my class IOF & schoolmates .

We used to walk to school very fast or run before the gate closes.
Our daily routine is assembly, canteen, toilet & back to class .
Tomorrow will be the last day of school & come back 2days for exam .
& i'm officially graduated, if i didnt fail any module for my exam .

Although its just one year, its just like so many years i'm in the school .

Sisly aka ah sis , my fav. girlfriend in class . LOL

Huina, always keeps me accompany when i need somone .

ZhiYun, i lovee to disturb her when she's studying .

Xiangyin aka ah yin, my shopping khaki .

& last but not least the my six fav. girls in class always never fails to make my day . (:

Mr Loo ahbeng, my best friend in school .
Dont worry, mr kunbeng i'll always keep in touch with you guys .

Clare, a very understanding girl .

Jiale, my virgo [perfectionist] babe .

I'll miss you guys! Thanks for all the memories regardless it is in school or outside school .

Shall see IOF @ 11th, 12th & 13th Dec at class chalet!
& the a small group of IOP's friends @ 10th Dec at MS for steamboat!

Decemeber schedule throughout the whole month i am fully booked . =(
The next time seeing you guys will be next year . MISSES & LOVES .

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Friday, November 23, 2007,


Celebrated Zw's birthday 2days back @ cp , late night .
2days back, ben sms me & asked whether if i can go down to cp to celebrate zw's birthday in advance . He sms me @ 9plus going to 10pm . Next day i've 8am class somemore . =.=
I was being such a wonderful good friend to go down at that time .

By the way to 4A (2006) We will have a small gathering "slacking session" at cp or somewhere on 7th December, 6pm @ Cp . Leave me a msg/call me if you're meeting up with us . (:

Just now met up with yin, she accompany me to office .
After that headed to bugis to sell my hp away .
I'm changing my cellphone tomorrow, thats why .

I was very gek xim to sell my hp away .
I looked at the sales person & say ..

Me: Ahhh, sibei gek xim . Limbei eh hp ......
S P: HUH? *stunned*
Me: Huh, Nothing ....

Sold is sold . I can't un-sold it .

I'll miss you, my hp . Remember to miss me too . =(

Good news is, i'm joining MXR very soon to be the Marketing Executive after all the events!
& i'm going to pursue my diploma as soon as possible . xDD

Huina, Yin, Cheryl, me, Sis, Yun & Michelle taken outside General office .

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Sunday, November 18, 2007,

Friday was Kunbeng's birthday, bought him a cake .
& celebrated it in school during lesson time . lol .

Friday night @ Clark Quake .

I fall sick when i reached home . =.=!
How many times must i fall sick within a month?
I think i am suffering from constipation .

CHEAP AUTHENTIC PASHMINA SHAWLS @ http://xanga.com/shoppingQ
Spree closing on 21st Nov. ~


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Thursday, November 15, 2007,

I think i cant well cope with my studies nowadays .
My mind is full of Events Events Events ..

I want to enjoy life during Dec holidays .
But i've to work from 14th - 31st of Dec!
How fcuking shag! No off day for me .
Work continuously for 18days . =.=

I wont be free from 11th - 31st of December .
I'm going for class chalet on 11th - 13th .
14th - 23rd i'm working at Popular Book fair .
24th - 31st i'm working at IMM Popular Roadshow .
I'm not working for Popular, but selling my wIz Qubes .

I'll be very busy during Dec holidays~
Yes, money is more important to me now .
You won't get to see me having any boyfriend for the time being .
I'm too busy earning money! xDDD

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Saturday, November 10, 2007,



AFTER VOTING please go to your email to click on the verification link, so that your vote will be counted .


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Friday, November 09, 2007,

My blog is rotten . I didn't have the time to blog as well .
I wasn't feeling well for almost one week . Hell sick ~

Yes, it's Friday today! Training @ Nanyang Pri school .
Last night joseph & i had a lil arguement over the meeting time . =.=
I find it very stupid to argue over this kinda problems .
He actually wanted to meet me 6.15am @ SK interchange .
& he wanted to changed the timing to 6am instead .

I was there wondering, does he know it's very early?
I was quite pissed off last night, which i don't think he's aware of it .
Nevermind, i slept @ 1.30am & i need to woke up @ 5.30am next day .

I set alarm the @ 5.20am, but i just off it . Laugh Out Loud .
& i slept till 5.40am thats when joseph called & wake me up .
Thats when i'm not angry anymore after he called .
I quickly rush to prepared & met him @ SK interchange .
But we missed the damn bus! So we took a cab instead . =.=
We can't be late for the training, as the teachers will be around .

During the training, joseph is the lead trainer he was doing very well .
I mean the way he teach the pupils how to use Koobits .
I like to pair up with him, i don't have to need do anything . HaHa ,

After the 1st session,
stanley ask joseph to be the lead for 2nd session as well .
I was looking at joseph & say ..
" okay la......!!! Be lead again later..! xD "

He'll mark the attendance for me, so i can sit beside him & see he teach the class .
The students there are all very adorable . BUT, they're very naughty pls . =.=

After all the training sessions ended, i went to meet lilian .
She accompany to have my breakfast cum lunch .
& we went somewhere to slack for hours & went back home . (:

& here are the photos taken yesterday .
When i was out with lian, clare, jiale & jiamin .

Goodnights everyoneee! :D

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Monday, November 05, 2007,

Currently doing Pre-orders for scarfs/shawls

Selling @ $6 each ~

Mail me if you're interested, melancholer@gmail.com .

It's all brand new . Capping @ 20 - 30 orders .

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Saturday, November 03, 2007,

I shall blog now before my eyes get tired again .
Yesterday after school went back home to change ,
& met up with joseph @ Outram & headed to Bouna Vista .
He accompany me to MXR to look for Jessie .

After that we met up with yin, sis & huina inside NUS .
& went for training for Koobits workshop .
During the training we kept laughing because of the presentation .
Laugh out loud! I can't stop laughing when we present .

We're going to be trainer's assitance @ Nanyang Pri sch .
Except for joseph he'll be the lead trainer .
Joseph & i will be pair-ing up to take one class .
Yin, sis & huina they will go with other lead trainers .
I don't dare become the lead trainer, so scary .
It's like you're going to catch one whole class attention for 1hr .

But we need to reach their school by 7.30AM!
Means i've to leave my house at 6.15AM!
I don't even dare to take public transport so early!
Luckily, joseph is coming down from Tamp to meet me @ SK .
But still, i need to take that damn LRT to cp right . =.=
HAHA , he's going to leave his house earlier than i do .

But after all i'm still very lucky la, i got people accompany for the training sessions & trip to NYPPS .

I'm sick now, down with flu again .


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Thursday, November 01, 2007,

The fcuking PMS is turning me to a mad person!
I've been quarreling with my mum & bro @ the top of my voice early in the morning . & i am crying now because i just quarrel with my bro @ the top of my voice again . My parents are blaming me, why can't i give in . Why must i always quarrel with him!? He's so fcuking irritating that makes me quarrel with him! He dont even have any basic manners!

FCUKS all the people in the house!

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