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Monday, April 30, 2007,

I'm blogging here, trying to open up my eyes wide .
I have no time to blog & kinda lazy too .
& I'm seriously veryyy tired .

Past few night was at my god-father's wake .
He passed away 6days back .
So it's like every night stayed there till midnight .
& always wake up early in the morning .
& here am i going to break down soon .
I need at least 10 full hours of sleep now .
I hasn't been sleeping enough for past few days .
But yeah, everything over now . I'm okay now .
People don't worry yeah .
But cry not enough . sigh .

Saturday meet up with mian & off to bugis .
My mood was so damn good that day .
It's been kinda long since the last i shop .
Went to bugis to look for ting, acc her for lunch .
After that went to paragon to Toys R us .
Someone waited for me about 6hours to come?
After paragon, went back to bugis again .
We bought our black skinny . Finally okay .
I waited for so long, the aunties tell me no stock .
So i rather pay a lil more than waiting for stock .
Around 8.30pm ting came to join us .
They headed back home & i go for the funeral again .

Sunday, thats the last day for the funeral .
After the funeral went to bugis with my mum & bro .
Mum bought me a new pairs of pumps for school .
& she bought herself handbag & skirtss .
Went to OG to look for ting awhile .
Saw a pair of red flip-flops, pls NICE can!
I think i'm getting myself that ~

Today rain-ed so no assembly .
I wore slippers to school & brought my pumps along too .
I was afraid of being caught wearing slippers . lol
My reason kinda no that valid . Just blisters .
But it hurts a lot . So Ms wong & Mrs chew lesson
i change to pumps, other lessons i wear slippers .
It's so comfortable to wear slippers walking around in school .

I'm so proud of myself, i pay full attention during CRN .
I never run away from lessons anymore . Esp for CRN .
I saw Mr ling just now & went back to class with him .
Although his lesson is boring, i always finish his assignment
before going off to next lesson or break .
& I'm always the first one to sign my attendance . LOL!

I might look strong, deep down i'm so weak .
I've been being real strong .
who would be there for me whenever i'm down?
who would be there for me to help me solve my probs?
who would be there for me to rely on? depend on?

I'm just too tired .


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@ 8:01 PM

Wednesday, April 25, 2007,

Sigh . Today isn't my day .
Morning i was so damn pissed off with my maid .
Why cant they remember the things that they placed .
Firstly, my shoes & socks are kept in the store room .
& i asked her to bring it out for me .
She say there's no white cavans shoes .
I dont believe at first , i went to check it out myself .
& found it in the living room . =.=

Secondly, i went to take my PE tee & shorts .
I only found my tee & shorts is not there .
I searched the whole cupboard . I cant find .
Nevermind .

I go search for my socks . & i found 1 sock only .
All 1 sock & not a pair . I was so damn pissed off .
& i'm already late for school . So i decided not to go for PE .
I told my PE teacher the truth why i didnt PE .

Sigh, & i was late for CRN . Ms wong mark me ZERO .
I've enough of attendance zero zero zero .
My second warning letter is here ! SHIT .
I'm in serious trouble . I told myself, from today onwards,
i'll attend school even if i'm sick .
I'll crawl to school if i'm half dead or dying .
If i would to be late,
i'll go for detention to redeem my attendance .

I'm seriously having a lot of STRESS .
I have to worry for so many things,
my studies, work, attendance .
Can someone motivate me uh ?
I'm aiming for Higher nitec Hospitatitly . [donhowtospell]

sigh, i'm really very tired .
does anyone understand how am i feeling?
i need a shoulder to cry on . =[
who will be there when i need someone?


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Friday, April 20, 2007,


I've got so many things to buyyyy !
I'm going for rebonding this coming June Holiday!
& dye my hair golden brown . xD
I'm going Hongkong again end of this year again!

Look @ my wishlist, i renew my wishlist .
Grant me my wishes, anyone ??

I've no time for shopping . =[
I wanna get myself a pair of black skinny!

Sometimes i wonders why do i still go school for?
I always skip school & lessons for no reasons .
I think my second warning letter on the way here .

Work tomorrow !
Gotta turn in soon . Night~

Replies Tags

Renata: Okays . (:

Miannie: LOL . dinosour~

Yixi: Soon ! sorry sis .

Monica: Nah, where gt . LOL . darlink den getting prettier .

Sandy: Yesh! i still rmb . i've lots of fun tat time . mit up soon yeah .

Take a leap of faith.
@ 7:54 PM

Saturday, April 14, 2007,

Okay, I'm just too zilian .
Didnt have the time to upload & blog .
So uploading all my photos now & blog .
My damn eye bag really look very ugly . =(

Oh yeah, before i blog about work .
I've got an annoucement here . (:
I'm single once again! Congrats to me .
Reasons: We're not suitable at all .
I dont wanna deceive myself anymore,
i know i still misses the past [2006] ,
can never be replace . *ihateguystobesoshy*
I've actually tried to love him with my whole heart .
But i still cant make it . Love cant be force yeah .

So i decided to give myself a break .
If not both of us are going to suffer .
We're just like living in 2 different world people .
So we're not suitable . (:
& yes, there's someting .
"Dont ask me why i've changed or what or turn into someone else . "
Let me say this clearly, i've never changed .
I'm still myself, SANDY CHEW S.M .
Maybe you people still dont know me well, might think that way .

& work today, i was late for work!
I woke up late anyway . I was late for 45mins =x
Boring & cold . Nobody come & talk to me .
Except for this malay guy came & ask me,
"What time is your break?" =.=
I was like, "huh? why?" But i forgotten to ask why .
But by the time i he asked, i was back from lunch .
Have Tori for lunch very nice! @ Paragon Basement 1 .

I kept going to the toilet for no reason .
Just too tired & shagged .
Didnt have enough sleep last night . =[
So train-ed home @ 8pm +

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@ 11:09 PM

Monday, April 09, 2007,

The past 2days @ work was fun .
I'm in love with toys "R" us somehow, LOL .

I really like my current job .
Maybe it's because of i'm to be work @ toys R us ?
I loveee the people there @ toys R us, i mean the workers?
All of them are nice, friendly & funny .

When there is no people around,
some of them will come over to me & ask
me to teach them how to play the game . lol
There are some cute guys over there also . LOL! =x

my lil station . loL ~

The damn computer above kept giving me problems .
Andy[my boss] came down the past two days .
Yesterday he came down i was kinda shocked to see him .

Our conversation goes like this ..
I was back from the toilet & i saw him ..

Me: eh!? how come you're here!?
you come & spot check me isnt? LOL

Andy: no la, i wanted to catch a movie @ PS .

but the timing too late, so i came here & walk walk lo .

Me: sure anot? or come & spot check?

But i think he came over to spot check?
& get this lame excuse to come over . LOL !
Seriously he is a nice boss lar actually .

I remember yesterday i wanted to go for lunch @ 2.3opm .
But all the kids hold me back, they were playing with the game .
& i cant go for my lunch, i've to monitor them & the demo .
So i quickly went for my lunch @ 3pm instead .

I walked to lucky plaza where's the
nearest place i could have my lunch .
But lucky plaza is FULL of maids & bangalas larh!
Despite it's inside or outside lucky plaza please .
So i went to Mac to eat have my lunch instead .
The whole Mac is full of maids & bangalas,
I can hardly see any chinese or malays eating there .
I'm not being racist but they are so damn NOISY larh .
I listen to my mp3 with the volume FULL .
& i can still hear their voices . =.=

Sigh, to me nothing is more impt than friends .

JONATHAN , my supportive reader of my blog !
Happy? Are you happy that your name is here? LOL .

i'm just too bored ~

Take a leap of faith.
@ 12:47 PM

Wednesday, April 04, 2007,

I shall blog about the past 2days yeah?
Monday went to meet lilian & her mum @ blk 111 .
& headed to airport . Her mum is flying off to bangkok .
While waiting to depart . We had high tea @ Han's .
We had tuna pie, apple pie & blueberry pie . LOL



LOL, i know it's very dirty .

After that we went off to bugis .
To do some shopping there but i bought nothing .
went back around 9plus? was kinda tired .

Yesterday woke up early in the morning 7am .
& out i go @ 8 am to bouna vista .
The trip there was like %$#@*
When i reached bouna vista i took a bus to NUS .
I was totally lost @ NUS yesterday .
So i drop down @ the last bus stop @ NUS .
& took a cab to my company's office .
Had my training there, actually not training?
But just like a briefing down there .
I also received my polo tee for my work . (:

I'll starting work this Saturday & Sunday @ Paragon!
Come & support me, bring some parents & kids along .
Come Paragon, Toys R us . I'm not promoting toys pls .
I'm not working for Toys R us too .
I'm working for my company, http://mxrcorp.com/ .
Promoting educational product . (:

Okay, after my "training" it was about 11plus am?
Went to Yishun to meet my Mr Loo .
We slack-ed @ void deck till 3plus & off to meet lilian .
Met lilian @ bugis & have my breakfast cum lunch .
Then clare & jiale came over had lunch too .
After that we went to cuppage for pool-ing session .
Went home around 9plus? I was totally exhausted .

can see that i look tanned uh?


Take a leap of faith.
@ 8:46 PM

Sunday, April 01, 2007,

Donald woke me up, by his words . It's really true .
I shouldnt hang on down there anymore .
So i let go the past & accept the present . (:
& i can ensure that i wont get hurt from him .
1st April 2007 .
It's not April fool .

As usual, i stay @ home for the past 3 days!
I can go out, but i'm just too lazy to go out .
& my cutie mum pissed me off in the evening .
She know i wanted to go out with them lorh .
She called & ask me to get prepared & wait
for them to come & fetch me later .

But ended up she say ,
"aiya, you also want to buy nothing, stay @ home larh . "
Nevermind then . But she called again .
She say my dad ask me to go with them ,
cause they are going bedok later . Ask me follow .
& she told me this ,
"you need to bath & prepare hor . then dont go lar . "
What the f*ck .

Luckily i told lilian that i'll accompany her tomorrow .
& yesh ! i can get out of this damn house .

i'll try to love you with my whole heart .

Take a leap of faith.
@ 7:19 PM

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