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Saturday, June 30, 2007,


I'm very stressed now . !@#$%^&*(
Mentally stressed by others & work . Sigh .
& in one day i can broke down dont-know-how-many-times .
1 person having 2jobs isn't easy to manage well, you see .
I admit i've been neglecting my boyfriend a lot .
I don't know how to quit my job @ wIz Qubes .
I won't bare to quit too .
Jimmy have been treating me veryyy nice, protecting me .
I don't wish to disappoint him, by making him losing promoter .
He treated me like his sis more than a promoter . Sigh~

Working from monday - sunday . Anyone think it's easy?
Esp for monday- friday from morning till 9pm+ . Whole day .
Need to chiong appointments, so when school reopen i can relax .
My eyes were swollen & my feets . Damn .
Seriously i'm going to die in sales line soonnn .

I'm not in-directly saying Bill treat me not good .
He's very nice also . Maybe jimmy is closer to me .
But i know jimmy dote me more . lol . =x

Anyway i'll be veryyyyy busy during holidays .
Until school reopens? So don't bother to ask me out, sorry .
I don't even have time to meet my boyfriend, even awhile .

I realise something, whenever i call you & suddenly broke down .
I know why now, cause, i missed you badly .

I need your shoulder so badly now, dear .
We dont really even have the time to communicate .

It's so hard for me to quit one of my job now,
Two side of the company needs me . Sighhhh .
What should i do ?


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@ 10:27 PM

Saturday, June 23, 2007,

I apologise for not blogging so long .
I was veryyyyy busy & lazy recently .
I'm working from Monday - Sunday !
One person having 2 - 3jobs currently .
Call me mad, work freak . Anything .
Cause i know im one . =.=
BUT im quitting one of them soon ..
If not i'll die in sales line . LOL ~

Yesterday was me & dear's 1st month .
Got him cookies, actually wanted to bake myself .
But end up all ruined in my hand . =.=
I swap the method of baking cake with cookies .

He gave me this .. nice uh?

Catch the movie fantistic 4, overall 2.5/5 .
The storyline still alright but dont really find it nice .

I am soooooooo tired ! I need some rest .


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@ 8:36 PM

Wednesday, June 20, 2007,

Looking for part/full time job?
Basically is a simple promoting job.
If you want to know more about it, you can just fix an appointment with me & come down for the interview & we'lltell you more about it.
As for the pay out system, we'll letyou know about it very detailed. So dont worry . Trust me, the pay is notbad .

Working days, Monday - Friday . [full time]
As for part-timers you still can joinus & arrange your schedule with us .
Working hours: Office Hours [11am - 6pm]

Location for the interview will be @the office, 70A Pinsep St . [opposite parklane]

Email me, lovemienot@yahoo.com if you wanna fix an appointment with me, & also leave your contact no. too . (:

Thank you .

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@ 11:01 PM

Sunday, June 10, 2007,

I made a fool out of myself !
Gonna be a long entire ..

I am @ home now blogging & rotting away .
I should be working today . Today!
This morning i woke up late & rush to work .
& stupid-ly i dont how i get my belt spoiled .
Laugh your arse out .
I've already spoiled two crown belts of mine!
So went i reached tamp i went to look for belts .
Anyhow i bought one . =.=
Then , i quickly rush to tamp mall to look for Courts .
I told the staffs that im wIz Qubes promoter .
They was like, "huh? what product is that?"
Me: "storytelling product?"
They told me that i came to the wrong place . =.=
Should be @ the Mega store which located @ tamp too .
I called my boss, "where is the mega store?"

Boss: Just right beside Iken lor .
Me: !@#$%^&* what?! there?! so far!? Im now @ TM courts .
Boss: you went to the wrong place .. nvm . if you dont want go there nvm lo .
Me: not i don want go leh, is i dont know how to go .
Boss: nvm one la . i call you later, im buying dinner[?] hehe .


I was like what the ....... !@#$%&*(
Waste my trip going there & go back home again .

Okay, enough of my complaints .

Yesterday meet dear @ SK lrt 2pm .
But i was late for 20mins . Sorryyyyyy !
We went to PS to buy movie tickets first .
& also to look for my heels . But dont have my size .
After that we walk to Paragon .
Dear need to check this schedule for work .
Yeah, i knew that most of them will be shocked to see us .
I'm waiting for promotion @ toys r us .
I wanna go back to Paragon toys r us to work .

After that went we walk back to PS again .
Went to have our early dinner before going for movie .
Caught this stupid cum LAME movie MEN IN WHITE .
totally a lame of shit .
After the movie went back home .
was talking on the ph with lilian ..

Yixi: hahas . im free now , sista .

Siew Chuen: where got , still very ugly lo .

Adelene: sorry, will link you later . (:

Peirong: it starts @ 6.30pm if im not wrong . Fees i not sure .

KengJin: lol . okay .

lastly, sorry for the late reply of tags!

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@ 3:41 PM

Thursday, June 07, 2007,



Take a leap of faith.
@ 11:25 PM

Wednesday, June 06, 2007,


Take a leap of faith.
@ 9:05 PM

Tuesday, June 05, 2007,

& my holiday started from this afternoon .
I'll be hell bored during weekdays ~

Today CRN paper was !@#$%^&*
Last night i studied till 3am + !
I started my revision dont-know-what-time .
Only rmb dear called me around 12am .
Motivating me to study ..
Giving me his fullest support .
As i wanted to give up for the paper, actually .
He hang up the phone around 1plus ?
So i continued to studyyyyyyyy ~

Around 2am my eyes were about to close .
I was very tired when the time reach 2am + .
I forced myself to stay awake .
I told myself, i cant fail CRN .
I cant let anyone down , even myself .
So i only slept for 2hour plus . =.=

The paper was like !@$#%&^
What i studied for CRN, the qns all came out weird .
I wrote rubbish for the short answer questions . =.=
I nearly fall asleep when im taking the paper .
Everyday sleep for less than 5hours ..

I'm going to do something to my hair soon .
Either im going to rebond my hair this week or nxt week . =D

I wanna go Euro Fun Fair @ Bishan !
Just right outside my school .
Starting from 9th June - 1st July only .
I wanna go go go ! ANYONE wanna go with me?


Take a leap of faith.
@ 8:43 PM

Monday, June 04, 2007,

I'm backkkkkkkk home .
Maybe i should recall what i did i do few days back .
IT & Book fair ended . Finally had come to an end .
I pushed myself very hard for the 6 days @ the fair .
Vesak Day was a public holiday i worked whole day =[
But dear dropped by @ night, accompany me back to SK .

This morning met shawn & azzam @ seragoon .
Azzam asked me to teach him how to write letter .
Ended up telling me no mood to learn anymore .
Don't know what happened to him also . =.=

Had my OFC paper this morning .
Kinda difficult? Or maybe I'm just too nervous?
After i finished the paper, i dont even want to submit .
I hold on to my paper & looked around me .
The teacher in-charge still can smile @ me .

After school went back home & get changed,
met ting & mh @ cp to study Customer Relation .
When we all took out our notes then we know
we are going to take the same paper tomorrow although
we are from different course . We even got the same notes .
Totally the same . But they have it as a booklet .

When i started my craps cum nonsense
I remember what dear told me just now,
"make sure you study & dont fool around" . LOL~
I stopped all my craps cum nonsense .
& i continue with my work . lolllllllll ~
Motivation? HAHAH . Better than nothing .

No concentration .. No motivation ..
So went back home & study instead .
& yes, it's 10.22pm now . I'm going for my revision ~
I planned not to sleep tonight . O.o
I better off to do study my CRN now .
If not maybe someone is going to scold me .. ~

I loveee my boyfriend . (:
He's always there for me whenever i need him .
Thanks dear . Loves-


Take a leap of faith.
@ 8:44 PM


I wanna blog blog blog!
I feeeeeeeeeel like blogging so much now .
But i've got to study for CRN .......
"no fooling around" , dear's nagging! LOL

Shall blog later when im back home .
Going to cp to meet mh & ting .
Byeeeeeeeeee .
Stay Tune,


Take a leap of faith.
@ 1:27 PM

Friday, June 01, 2007,

Maybe i should let you guys know that,
I am Sensitive, Impatience, bad tempered ..
& when comes to jealousy, KILLS . damn it~
Seriously i'm very sensitive .
sigh .

Take a leap of faith.
@ 10:48 PM

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