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Friday, March 31, 2006,

ahhhh, i`m b0red again, dese few daes get b0red veri easily man . i d0n n0e why . arghs . f0rget it . t0dae dearie came t0 lrt stati0n the lift and wait f0r mie den we walked t0 the carpark and find mh dey all . during english class, zhuang liang v0mited . 0mg . we faster m0ved 0ur tables and j0int t0gether in 0ne straight line . LOL . he kept wanting t0 v0mit infr0nt 0f us . nuts ! s0o Ms Tan sent him 0ut, asked him t0 sit 0utside the class . l0ls . we didn`t wan t0 see him .

during recess time dearie helped mie t0 buy f0odd . t0dae was green-dae . he called mie he t0ld mie tat t0dae is green-dae d0n hab apple tea, s0o i asked him buy anii drink will d0 . l0ls . s0o he b0ught 10o% lem0n juice !! tats my fav. ! when he br0ught tat b0ttle up i was s0o susprise tat he b0ught lem0n juice f0r mie . alth0ugh we had n0e each 0ther f0r 4yrs . but d0se past 2 - 3 yrs we wasn`t tat cl0se . he d0n n0e wat i lyk . but he b0ught the fav. drink f0r mie . ! xD ~ s0o swit . awwws . hhaas . after recess and s0o is chi less0n .
after schh we rushed h0me t0 get changed and headed t0 TPY t0 hab 0ur sp0rt dae dere . but it rains when Mr Zaidi and peeps wanna hab a s0ccer match i tink ? h0h0s . t0o badd, we waited f0r veri l0ng f0r the rain t0 st0p . while waiting i saw yeancheng mei . juz n0w she fell d0wn . my hart ache man . i went t0 see if she is alrite yeas . t0ked t0 her and denise mei came . my g0odness . my sch`s sec1 are CHILDISH . denise mei sh0uted at dem but n0ne 0f dem heard . l0ls .

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Thursday, March 30, 2006,

n0w t0king 0n the f0ne wit dearie, since i reached h0me until n0w ? frm 2 - 6plus ? he`s listening t0 my singing n0w . HAHAS . t0ked abt his br0 and his mum ? l0ls . plaed maple t0gether . called Mac juz n0w, i`m hungry !! 0hs yea, we haben bath . T.T !! l0ls . nvm ~ hais, he later g0ing t0 ride bic wit wy dey all . eeek . =.= ! sians ! ahhh . nabei . tml gt sp0rt dae, i hate sp0rt dae lar ! knn . FCUKADOMA ! LOL , tat w0rd was i`m influence by mh . she was influence by razif, tat arse . 0waes say fcukadoma in class, tamada . l0ls . sians nahs . 0mg . I`M B0RED MAN . i kept SING SANG SUNG . HAHAS . dearie started gt influence by mie .

juz n0w during maths less0n i suggested tat t0 g0 sent0sa 0n sat . c0z tis sat 0uttie seems t0 be n0b0dy wanna g0 ? arghs . s0o i suggested t0 meL 1st ? and t0ld wy abt it . s0o discuss wit meL wat t0 bring 0n sat . h0h0s . during science less0n was realli verii funni, i made fun 0f shafiq again, i called him " 0rang utan " . HAHAHA . he wanted t0 beat mie ? den i run . HAHAHS . when he l0oked at dearie, he didn`t dare t0 d0 aniting . HAHAS . and wy dey all made fun 0f zhuang liang . s0o badd . Mr Tan was verii pissed 0ff wit us . hahas ~

hais, wy and ben suddenly g0 dearie`s hse =.= ! arghs . i feel lyk telling him d0n g0 can ? i`m B0RED . arghhhhhs . i d0n feel lyk hanging up the f0ne wit him . summ0re he if still g0es ride bic wit dem sure c0mes back at midnite ? tai kua zhang ler ? but it`s lyk n0w 0readi 7plus he still haben bath 0s0 . ahhhh . bu ya0 lar . hais ~

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006,

LOL, tats my family tree ? we`re lame . hhaas, its d0ne by meL aniwae . gt nth netta t0 d0, hhaas . m0rning went schh didn`t wait f0r dearie he missed his bus yeas . during silent reading, mie and mh kept t0king abt j0bs . LOL . she decided t0 w0rk at cp the ice-cream sh0p, but can`t . we went dere, it muz be 18 yrs 0ld and ab0ve . t0o badd . i saw a piece 0f n0te was bullet 0n my blk n0tice b0ardd, the RC wanna hire a admin adminstrat0r . as f0r nid h0w t0 use the c0mputer ? n0e english and chinese ? $5 per h0ur, sumh0w its w0rthy ehs ? i wanna w0rk as tat . t0nite g0ing d0wn wit marmie t0 ask . at least gt experience w0rking in a 0ffice lyk a admin adminstrat0r. LOL . summ0re i studied E0A - ELEMENTS OF OFFICE ADMINSTRATI0N f0r 0readi 2 yrs . my result was gd . =D

juz n0w went cp wit mh, l0oking f0r j0bs . we`re BR0KE man . g0ing KL during June 6th, nid $$$ . l0ls . 0h n0 . if we realli g0nna w0rk; will be w0rking f0r 3 daes per week . schedule g0nna be veri packed . T.T ~ but betta pls hire us . LOL . juz n0w at cp sumh0w can say we f0und 0ne ? but n0t sure if deyy wanna hire us . deyy will call us . but at least deres a lil h0pe dere . l0ls .

everyb0dy is asking mie wats is the w0rd MELANCH0LY & MELANCH0LER means; peeps, st0p asking, i d0 n0e the meaning . but i w0n`t tell u guys wats the meaning .

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Monday, March 27, 2006,

h0h0s ! i`m b0red man . m0rning w0ke up at 6plus . was raining, marmie kept nagging . kept wanna chase mie 0ut 0f the hse . arghs . kept sayingg, i`m LATE . wth . i wasn`t late f0r schh . aniwae went t0 schh, was quite susprise tat dearie was at the carpark waiting f0r mie . i didn`t ask him t0 mit mie 0r aniting . the w0rst part was when i g0ing t0 sch, i saw the LRT came . i quickly get 0ut 0f the lift and ran int0 the LRT, summ0re i was t0king 0n the f0ne wit him . i said " i see ya in schh !! my LRT is here !!! " LOL . i`m s0o gan chi0ng . hahs . i afraid tat i`ll miss my train .

when in schh, i felt quite alrite, didn`t felt unc0mf0rtable 0r aniting yeas . was verii funnii can . mh and
i kept disturb shafiq, kip calling him names " 0rang utan ; bamb0os ; m0nkey m0nster " LOLL ~ we s0o badd . summ0re he realli wanna beat us . 0mg . i was quite sh0cked man . he kicked mh and i ran awayy . sh0uting f0r help . LOL ! i`m s0o afraid tat he will hit mie . HAHAs . lalala`s . but was pissed 0ff as well, c0z tat bastard called meL slut;bitch . wtf . aint he tink he is bastard ? i`m s0o pissed 0ff wit the tw0 0f dem .

after schh went RM wit mh, meL, dearie, wy and ben . went t0 ate kfc ; g0ssiping and luffingg awayy . after tat we asked ben t0 bring meL acr0ss t0 rvps . c0z its raining, s0o i lend him my urmbela t0 sendd meL dere yeas . when he came backk we walked h0me . all g0ing t0 wy`s hse . except mie, i`m g0ing h0me . 0n 0ur wayy backk we saw azr0y and faisal yeas .

g0ssiping hab it`s advantage and disvantage . (:

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Sunday, March 26, 2006,

m0rning didn`t get t0 slp well, arghs . dearie called mie at 9plus ?! last nite i slept at 4plus ! was t0king 0n the ph wit him . l0ls . wh0le dae stayed at h0me again . was quite b0red . n0w c0nferencing wit mian, ting n mh . c0nference f0r a verii l0ng time . i tink h0urs ? n0t sure . 0hs yea . gt a "funni" quarrel wit shafiq . we sc0lded him until lyk n0b0dy business . LOL . we wanna b0x him ? LOL ~ ! we s0o badd . =.= but he sayy he wanna b0x mie lyk m0nkey n mh lyk 0rang utan . l0ls . but i d0n n0e if tml realli wanna b0x him 0r wat . HAHAS . s0o bad s0o bad .
sumh0w, i`m a melancholer . sigh ~

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Saturday, March 25, 2006,

i aint n0e wats happening . was insulted terribly . was realli lyk a nitemare t0 mie . wanting t0 f0rget . i juz can`t take it lyk nth happened . summ0re at 1st he was wanting t0 c0ver up f0r dem . hais . in the end he t0ld mie . i kept wanting t0 c0nfr0nt wit dem . s0o i did . everyting was s0vle in a p0lite wayy . i didn`t went 0ut t0dae, was verii tiredd . t0t tat can g0 t0 the beachh wit him n marcus . but i fell aslp . l0ls . sumh0w i juz received tw0 msges frm dem . everyting was fine n0w . but the pr0b is why did she say him in the 1st place ?! wat a cruel insulting as f0r mie n him . i believed tat tis relati0nship btw mie n him will last . the trust in us was str0ng enuff . iloveyou, dear . (:
y0u ch0ose t0 believe mie than the 0thers .

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