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Thursday, August 30, 2007,

Exams coming, holiday coming & teacher's day tomorrow .

Anyone got job intro? E.g Telemarketers?
I just wanna take up as a part-time job while i'm having my holiday .
& i'll get myself transform into a workaholic again . =.=

I think i need to slap myself & wake up .
3more weeks to exam? & i'm still stuck .
I'm still fooling around in class . I need to wake up!
I still haven't even plan for next year, where to go .
I don't really dare to think that much & far .

Today last 2 lessons was cancelled .
So went to J8 with yin , cheryl & huina to have lunch .
& there's a necklance caught my eye !
Seriously very nice! I want that for my birthday!

I found a picture of a necklance from Maple Syrup which is quite smiliar to the necklance i saw outside J8's GoldenVillage . But which is not form in heart shape but with 2 tiny thick rings.
But i prefer the one in heart shape from Maple Syrup now .


So nice can . Anyone wanna get for me?
You can purchase it from the url above .

I don't know how to purchase the necklance . =.=
Cause i don't know how to read the chinese words in the page .

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@ 8:53 PM

Tuesday, August 28, 2007,

My forehead is burning . I'm having a slight fever . Woots .
I realised that i like to anyhow mix drinks to drink .
That time was 3 different flavours of yakult .
Today i drank fruit juice together with coffee, but NEVER mix .
I think there must be something wrong with me . =.=
People says, i like to torture myself . When did i ??

I've my CDP [career development .. blah] job interview yesterday!
Gosh . I was very nervous during the interview .
I passed the interview but i'm still not very happy with the marks .
15/20 . I was hoping to get higher marks . :(
Anyway it's over . So forget about it .

I haven't study for BEG & BEO test . !@#$^&*(
My fav. quote "Don't study then will pass ."
For me, it's true anyway . (:

Oh yeah! Oh my god, i scolded my customer just now .
When i was talking lilian on the phone, suddenly someone called which i don't know who isn't .

Me: Hello?
Customer: I'm raymond that time causeway point ....
Customer: [dont know what did he say ]
Me: Who are you sia? Weiyee isn't? Don't play lei .
Customer: That time i bought the wIzQubes from you ..........

OMG, then i know he was my customer !
I thought which monkey called & disturb .
I quickly apologise to him & told him that,
i thought someone who wanted to prank call . =.=
I scare he'll complain to Boss . Then i think i'll die for sure .
Then i can bid goodbye to all the promoters, esp joseph! hahah .
After that i don't have to stay in the company till one year with him .
We so-called "promised" each other to stay in MXR till one year even jimmy left .
So he don't have to worry i'll try to pangseh him again . Laugh*

Take a leap of faith.
@ 7:15 PM

Monday, August 27, 2007,

Shit, i missed you .

Take a leap of faith.
@ 4:36 PM

Sunday, August 26, 2007,

I met up with xiangyin this morning again .
Rushed down to CWP to start work .

In the evening met one bunch of monkeys ,
'disturbings monkeys'
One of them asked me for my no. i didnt give .
& they stand outside Popular don't know for what .
Make me don't even dare to go to the washroom .

I called jimmy & msg joseph to complain . LaughOutLoud*
I felt like slapping the bunch of monkeys that i met .
Joseph actually wanted to come down & fetch me .
But he tomorrow got exam, i don't want to trouble him .
He kept calling me to ensure that i didn't see those monkeys again .
Laughs* I've a very nice colleague uh . Haas .

25 more days to my birthday!
I want a BOYFRIEND for my birthday!


Take a leap of faith.
@ 11:02 PM

Saturday, August 25, 2007,

Yesterday went for training with xiangyin .
We've a hard time getting to the place .
After the training went to tamp & cp with jimmy & joseph .
Accompany them to have their dinner .
Jimmy teached me how to handle the questions on Monday .
So i think there's shouldn't be a problem got stuck when
BettyTan shoot any questions . (:

Today i was late for 1hr 30mins for work .
It's the first day of work for xiangyin .
I went to cp to help her set up everything .
Thats why i'm freaking late for work today .
Today sales was so fcuked up . Xiangyin manage to sold 2sets .
Joseph & i was complaining to each other no one is interested .
But ended up each of us still manage to sold 1 set .

I think jimmy will realise that, he is receiving lesser complain from me & joseph . Cause we're always complaining to each other . Laughs*

I'm very stupid just now, my hand was scald by a bowl of hot soup . =(

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@ 11:31 PM

Thursday, August 23, 2007,

I'm kinda out-dated . I just finish-ed the drama series of The Outsiders .
I know it's a few years back drama series .
That time i wanted to watch, but no one have the disc .
So i finally found someone have it .

It's really a interesting drama series uh .
I cried at the last 2 discs .
This drama series make me learn to cherish my best friends!

Yes, i'll cherish my girlfriends . (:

Some photos that we took on National Day Eve .

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@ 8:59 PM

Sunday, August 19, 2007,

I felt like banging the wall so much just now .
I felt very bad that my sales was so lousy !
Thanks joseph who cheer me up . (:
Really appreciated it! Laughs*
We like to share our experience during work . lol ~
He sold 3sets for 2days , i only sold one .
I was so fcuking sad, not because he sold more than me .
Just that, I dont wish to disappoint jimmy, i wanted to show him that i'll not be affected by anything . Even if i'm sad inside, i'll not be emotional during working time .

Like what joseph told me just now, "Dont sad la, promoters are like that . Cannot be emotional ."

He always got his own funny ideas ..
Part of our conversation ,
Me: No ppl liao lo, all went for dinner . Then, we shall go for dinner too .
Joseph: Yeah . See you ah . Meet and eat then times up can go home liao .
Me: Later Popular & PAGEONE in-charge call jimmy why your promoters leave so early?
Joseph: Say go party lo, haha .

Haas, we were sms-ing each other complaining "NO ONE IS INTERESTED IN BUYING" .
I am so sad . =( I miss ah ting!

Take a leap of faith.
@ 9:58 PM

Saturday, August 11, 2007,

Met up with jimmy & joseph yesterday @ TM .
Ah yin wanna work , so bring her to interview .

Now then i know TM got Times the bookshop . =.=
So joseph came up with his own idea ..
I can work @ Times, he work @ Popular .
Then the both of us can go lunch together .
What a nice suggestion he has uh . lol~

Anyway i dont know what to blog liao la .
I've got no mood to blog . !@#$%^&*(

I choose to let you go, because of some reasons .
I finally realise that you're gone . I'm finally awake now .
It hurts me as well, but i still choose to let go .
I'm sorry .

Take a leap of faith.
@ 10:27 PM

Friday, August 10, 2007,


Yesteday was National Day celebration . I've to go to school for the sake for my SBM [Small Business Management] .
I need to set up a store in the school & do business .
Canteen was closed & even the school gate .
Don't allow anyone to leave the school until 11plus .
Benefit for all the SBM students . lol ~

Sales was not bad, of cause! I was the one who kept pushing sales .
& i've got to praise someone here, Suliani's henna skills is nicer this time! (:
I think only my group in my class get back our capital & profit . xD

After everything went to J8 to a lil wash up .
Then went to Bugis , accompany ah yin .
After bugis we went to Marina Square to meet up with Ah yun .
Ah yin & i went to Zara, Topshop, Mango , none of the clothes caught my eye . :(
She kept asking me to buy this & that with her uh . When did i became her shopping partner ? LaughOutLoud*

But ended up i didnt buy anything . =.= At least she bought a top from blossomz & a silver-ly long wallet . Which she like it soooo much . Laughs*

Around 5plus the guys came to meet us at ms .
I went freaking insane when im out with them .
Ah sis finally get to see my true colour uh . HAHA ..
She said, i was really horrible yesterday . LOL .
I admit, it's true . LAUGHS!

Around 9pm we went to esplande to slack .
Took some photos with them too . Which is very ugly to me . lol .

We went left the place around 9.30plus .


Today met up with ah ting around 4.30pm .
She accompany me to Vivo City to shopping .
I finally bought the red spag top which i wanted for a long time!
I went back to the same shops, Zara, Topshop & Mango .
The last shop i went to was Forever 21, thats where i got my red & blue spag top from .
After that we walked to HabourFront to have my fav. Ba cho mee for dinner . lol ~
Headed back home after my dinner . (:

Shit, i need to go to school for the sake of SBM again . =.=
If not my shitty 1st warning letter coming again . __

Take a leap of faith.
@ 12:22 AM

Monday, August 06, 2007,

I've got nothing better to do, i edited my blog a little .
I am helping my own company's advertising their product on my own blog . How nice of me? Such a good promoter in MXR ? Increase my pay then! LOL .

By the way, people outside Singapore you can purchase our product from our website, http://mxrcorp.com . For Singaporeans , please go to populars & ask the staff for wIzQubes . (:

I've been working with MXR for quite long time, almost half a year .
Anyone who is interested to join me working as a promoter to promote this product at various bookshops, do add me in msn & ask for more details!
There is basic pay + commission . I won't entertain people who ask for more info on my tagboard, thank you . (:

Laughs* I am helping my company doing a free advertising .

Okay, shall blog what happened in school today .
There's nothing much in any other lesson other than POA .
Gosh, stupid shawn was so damn quiet today in class .
I've nothing better to do, just walk around in class .
Surf net & fool around with the others .
Xiang yin aka Ah yin went insane with me . LOL .
I kept disturb chek wee & shawn for no reason .
Shawn should be disturb by me, he's so quiet today .

Chek wee aka ah wee, influence us with the word "worrrr" .
You can go check my friendster comments .
They will end their sentence with the word "wor" .

I need to complain ... ! Stupid dont-know-whoever-shit, let joseph off from Courts la, shit . If not i could take leave this coming saturday/sunday . Then joseph can replace for my off day . But he also can off one of the day . Shit-the-whoever-arsehole .

You Are a Friendly Flirt!
You are quite the flirt, but you don't flirt with just anyone.And you hardly ever get caught, because your flirting seems so friendly.You've got a good thing going. Tons of friends, both guys and girls.And if you do decide to flirt, hardly anyone's the wiser. Pretty trick!
What Kind of Flirty Girl Are You?

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@ 8:54 PM

Thursday, August 02, 2007,

I'm back from blogging! If not someone is complaining
i'm not blogging so much like weiyee does . lol

I think i should blog about yesterday, So that ah ting can know clearly what happened yesterday . If not she doesnt really understand what did i told her just now over the phone uh .

Yesterday ended school at 2pm . Rushed home to charge my hp .
Went to met up with Jimmy & joseph at outram park .
But what a coincidence, joseph & i was in the same train . lol

After we met up with jimmy we went to NUS for meeting with big Boss .
We had a 1 and half hour meeting at the office inside NUS .
Boss says, i've a innocent look . LOLLLLL ~
Jimmy & joseph was like, "ahem" HaHaHahA ~

Okay, after the meeting, boss sent us to clementi area .
Jimmy , joseph & i went to Mac to have our dinner .
Its on jimmy's treat . Cause he was late for the meeting .

We were gossiping about people we know & dont know .
I shall not mention names here . The three of us know jiu hao .
We left the place around 10pm . & train-ed back home .

BTW, joseph look like benjamin goh lor, machiam duplicated!

Laugh Out Loud, & *slapmyselfforthinkingrubbish*

As for today, things goes quite smoothly in school .
Stupid shawn khoo, never bring up my BEO book for me .
During BEO [Business Event Organization] , i self-high .
I was like really insane, kept self-high in class .

The funniest part was during POA lesson .
I played tic-teck-toe, Bingo & drawing with ah yun on the whiteboard .
People in class were all trying to help me for the Bingo .
Cause i don't really know how to play Bingo . LOL .

After POA, was TPS [Thinking Problem Solving Skills] .
I can't just stop laughing during TPS lesson .
We'll sit in our own groups, brain storm & joke together .
Esp we have two bloody jokers in my group, that's shawn & chek wee .
I'd learnt many ways to slap people w/o them noticing . HAHAH .
Shawn was the one who teaches me all these . All his "stories" . LOL
& i always do it on chek wee as a experiment . LaughOutLoud*

As time goes by, i'm getting closer with my classmates .

This is the very 1st class photo we took at suntec .

A little description on the photo ..
[ Ah lian - Ah sis aka Sisly]
[ Aunty - Me, Sandy ]
[ My QiQi - Farah ]
[ Late Kings - Azzam & Shawn ]
[ Pang Seh King - Siong ]
[ GuaiLan - Yong Jun ]
[ Emo Kid - Augustine ]
[ Talk 24/7 - Dina, Seema, Rasinah, Zuliana, Hajar & Mira ]

Self Pic .


MISSING PERSON ! Felicia Teo Wei Ling ..
Oh yeah . PLEASE go to this blog link , http://findfelicia.blogspot.com ! Thank You .


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