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Saturday, March 31, 2007,

Was woken up by ice in the early morning 8.30AM !@#$%^*(
argh, dont call mie in the morning for no valid reason pls!
I was sleeping so peacefully & my damn hp rang!
& the ringtone was NOKIA TUNE calling with an unknown no. !
Dont know why my hp ringtone suddenly change to nokia tune .
& guess what he told me . He was just checking whether did
he saved the the correct number of mine . =.=
& i cant get back to sleep . How pathetic i am .

& so i spend my day @ home again .
I know somehow i'm mad or something .
Or i really like to stay @ home during weekends . =.=
Anyway i cant stay @ home other weekends from
next week onwards, gonna start work next week .
Kinda excited & happy somehow ~
Finally i'm going to work ! how long since the last i work?
6months ago? around there .

Thought i could have my dinner outside with my family .
But ended up my mum & dad got OT .
My maid didnt cook for me & my brother .
So i went to cook myself, fried rice for my brother & i !
It's been a long time since the last time i step into the
kitchen & cook . xD ~
The fried rice was kinda plain . I didnt dare to put many salt .
I remember this was being taught by aaron last time .
That's for today . I wanna get out of this house tml ~

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@ 8:33 PM

Friday, March 30, 2007,

today met lilian & kunbeng @ tpy .
then went to food court to have our lunch .
after lunch we headed to tpy garden to slack .
our purpose to meet up today is to SLACK . lol
we were fooling around, like MADDIES .

clare came to meet us around 7pm?
her fav. quote "shakespear says ... blah blah "
she kept repeating this to all of us . o.O
she's mad, it's okay . LOL !

me & beng were like maddies,
playing with comb & umbrella uh .
we fight with umbrella & comb . HAHA .
we even went for "night walk" with umbrella!

all of us were so damn noisy .
we shouted @ each other for no reason .
just scream out loud whenever we want .
we're really too high & crazy .
we slack-ed till 9plus then went home .

so i ate my dinner @ 10.30pm . =[
i'm hungry now . & my sunburnt hurts!
the pain is killing me . !@#$%^&*(

i got a job! sales promoter again .
there will be a training @ NUS on tues . =.-
so far way man ~ 10am somemore .
can anyone acc me there ?? =[

kunbeng's hand . =.=

nice garden uh?

beng & lian . LOL

a ghost is just sitting beside him . LOL

last of all, ME !


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@ 12:38 AM

Tuesday, March 27, 2007,

i wanna blog it fast & go to bed .
but something is holding me back .
that's my msn ! conversation by conversation .
im blogging & msn-ing at the same time . =.=

went sentosa this morning, was a last min decision .
actually meeting kunbeng, clare, gary & jiale 9am .
but gary was veryyyyyy late . jiale is worse .
lilian & i met them @ habour front instead .
we went vivo city to wait for jiale to come .
she reached around 11plus?
went palawan beach as usual .

i was sun burnt badly ! my whole body is so red !
im so freaking tanned now . damn it ~
after that, went to the hawker centre to eat .
all of us were so freaking hungry .
i order a bak kut teh & 2 prata with egg .
kunbeng was worse, he have 3 rounds of meal .
he's mad la, hungry monster . haha ~

after that we headed to cuppage for pool-ing session .
but i didnt play . my body was so damn red .
& it hurts a lot . esp my hands & legs .

so went back around 8plus?
everyone was complaining tired .


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@ 11:59 PM

Monday, March 26, 2007,

i edit my blogskin & photos .
i like this one . im happy with this . ^^

yesterday i didnt want to stay at home .
so i decided to go out with my family .
dad drove us to paya lebar to have our early dinner .
after dinner went to giant @ tampines .
the newly open one just oppsite iken, if im not wrong .
the giant there is veryyyy big .
but with not much vegetable left .
so we left the trolley & everything behind .
& went off to another supermarket to shop instead .
bought all the food & things we wanted .
& head back home .

today actually wanted to meet mh .
but ended up i cancelled it .
due to some reason . lazy to type it out here ~

does anyone got any job intro?? =[
i want a job urgently ~

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@ 5:22 PM

Sunday, March 25, 2007,

it's been a year ! this blog is created on 25th March 2006 .

behind the story of this blog,
when the day i was being treated like a princess .
being pamper, doted, everything all by someone .
& everything just dont goes right on that day .
i decided to create this blog to blog my feelings out .
& so i continue to blog our daily happenings .
but it all ended on 2/12/06 .

& so this blog is a very memorable blog (:
i wont close this blog down no matter what .

the day have to come, & i have to face it .

anyway, sing my blog a bdae song! LOL .

my friend list . (:
Name 10 ppl u can think of rightoff e top of ur head.
Dun read e qns underneath until youwrite e names of all 10 ppl.
This is a lot funnier if u actually
randomly list e names 1st. No cheating!
1. - lilian
2. - shumian
3. - jinting
4. - meihong
5. - clare
6. - vyvian
7. - clare
8. - kunbeng
9. - donald
10.- weiyee


How'd u meet 3?
since sec1

What would you do if you had never met number 1?
i wont hab such a nice sista

What would you do if 6 and 2 were going out?

Have you ever seen 4 cry?

Where did you meet number 10?
sec 1

How do you know 8?
hahahs, bishan ite?

What would you do if 5 confessed they loved you?
LOL her bf will kill mie

A fact/or something about 9?
LOL, nice guy

Who is 2 going out with?

What's 4 do for a living?

Would you ever live with number 8?

Where does 3 live?

What do you like about number 1?
her everything, LOL

Is 2 your best friend?

Do you miss number 3?

What is your opinion of number 5?
cool .

Is 10 a power ranger?


Take a leap of faith.
@ 12:06 PM

Saturday, March 24, 2007,


full/part time .
the best is sales promoter/assit.
if any, PM/tag mie .



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@ 1:09 PM

Wednesday, March 21, 2007,

woke up @ around 8plus?
beng gave me a morning call .
okays, how nice of him . thanks . (:
i was on time for school .
today kinda mircale?
i attend full 2hrs of mr ling's lesson .
i didnt go anywhere but sat in the class .

had my lunch with vyvian .
& OSA after lunch .
i gonna fail my OSA . damn it !
i didnt do the chart , i dont have the time .
fcuk, i was so confused by the formula all .
it's my CA ! my GPA ! ffcukkkkk ~
i wanna cry out loud man .
sighhhh .

my classmates . (:

i looked so tanned here . =.=

last of all, me myself & i

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@ 9:54 PM

Monday, March 19, 2007,

waiting for people to online .
boreddddd & tiredddddd .
last sat went cp to study with ting .
& we saw mr zaidi ! he talked to us & stuff .
awww, we missed him & cvss .

school today was fine? had CRN test @ 10.15am .
i gonna fail the test for sure . sooo sure abt it .
the whole paper was on Case Study! what the shit~
i can't do Case Study at all man .
i wrote all rubbish for the answers .
gonna do well for my role play to pull my marks up .
no lesson for CRN today? mr ling gave us break .
& no lesson . what the shit . =.=

i changed my blogskin ,
i used don't know how long to get this skin done .
but i still find it kinda plain, i like the previous one . =[

sigh, deep in thoughts .
confused & mixed up feelings .

Take a leap of faith.
@ 7:19 PM

Saturday, March 17, 2007,

i wanted to blog, but my damn com was down !
last week my bro's com was down too . LOL
both com cant work at all , driving us crazy .

let me blog about the past whole week .
hmms, school was kinda shit to me nowadays .
im going to "fight" with mr ling soon .
he dont allow me to sign my last attendance .
i gave him a piece of ans sheet to mark .
although it's a piece of shit lar .
he dont even bother to see where's the ans .
whatever .

my schoolmates are driving me crazy too .
they're seriously driving us crazy .
they are so !@#$%^&*(
& i promised him many things .
so i shall heck care them all .
to hell with their nonsense!

yesterday had my OSA mock test .
guess what? i got 56/60 !
i thought i'll fail OSA excel for sure .
god, i done everything by myself .
hariz wanted to help,
cause i accidentally close the file .
somemore there's no disk for us to save .
but he need go to see ms wong .
so i do it all over it again myself . (:
so proud of myself lars .

after school went to tpy to look for weiyee .
he join campus superstar .
but didnt got in, it's okay .
cause he choose the wrong song to sing .
but he is still our superstar . (:

i dont know what time im meeting ting .
going rvm to study . lol .
dont be surprise, my CRN is shit thats why .
i cant fail any molude .
i already fail my OFC mock test by 1 mark .
need to mug hard, no more fooling around .

i'm happy !
he cheer me up . (:
he is just like my bestie .

i promise i'll be there whenever you need someone . ^^

i found this pic, i love my jiaobin . lol !

i got this damn scar on my wrist now .
please dont try this at home or anywhere .


Take a leap of faith.
@ 10:32 AM

Saturday, March 10, 2007,


i stayed at home for the whole day .
i didnt complain that much too .

& now i'm waiting for someone to finish his dinner .
thanks to him acc me to chat thru out the day .
if not i'm going to complain like hell .

wondering what am i going to do tml?
study @ home / out to study?

CRN test is on monday, tues is PIE & BPF !
ahhhh ~ BPF will make me cry .
lucky the projects all are hand-ed up .
but dont know whether is there any presentation for OFC .

damn it, i need to think of my CRN role play .
i haven't write the script yet .
gonna write rubbish for that man .
is anyone going to help me with all these? =[

aww, i suddenly dont feel like having holidays .
i rather spend my 3weeks holiday in school . =x
i know i'm mad .. (:

you're just right in btween us .
we don't need you .
all we need is peace from you .

Take a leap of faith.
@ 8:48 PM

Friday, March 09, 2007,

something not nice happened past few days .
didnt want to bring it up again .
cause' it SUCKS .

this morning i was in a good mood ! (:
my mood was soooo good ! high*
i reached school around 8am?
everyone was like shocked that i was so early .
mircale? maybe .

my mood was sooo good that i helped the guys
to went down to the canteen & help them buy food .
they're lucky . if i'm not in a good mood, you can dream on .
i was being so nice in the morning ,
but i forgotten who spoil my mood in the afternoon .

but nevermind ,
at least i was in a real good mood this morning =D

lessons were fine . there are many tests coming up!
gonna mug hard for all modules . cant fail any modules .
if not i can go bang the wall .
esp CRN missed many lessons . & BPF .
who wanna go study this weekend?
if not i gonna rot at home tomorrow .
spore is small for me to go shop around .


Take a leap of faith.
@ 8:40 PM

Tuesday, March 06, 2007,

i promised that i will upload the photos took last 2 weeks .
lol, but until now my com is still not working! tmd .
so asked lilian to help me upload instead . thanks~

last saturday went bugis with lilian .
& then went concourse for pool-ing session .
then went beach rd for dinner cum supper . lol

last sunday went rvm with ting .
slack-ed there , & mian came over .
chit-chatted . my school lyfe is getting worse!

arghhhhhhs . i received my 1st warning letter .
damn it . one day if you got to see ms wong
on the newspaper saying that she's kana beaten up .
you should know who had done that to her . LOL .
hope she wont call my parents . =[

everyone's attendance is at least 93% ++
mine 90% ! wtf , run away too much for CRN .

just now there's this earthquake @ 1plus .
i thought i was feeling giddy .
so the place is shaking .
& i stopped whatever im doing & think .
look around & thinking why im swaying sia .
lol , i thought i was not feeling well .

me myself & i

i need someone to be there for me ,
i need someone that can share my probs with me .
where's that someone?

Take a leap of faith.
@ 3:35 PM

Thursday, March 01, 2007,

i was late for school today .
& decided not to go for school .
i rather MC for today
than being nag by ms wong like hell .

her naggings have scares me .
yesterday she already nag @ me for being late again .
wo yi jing hen ke qi liao okay .
every wednesday i'll be late for more than 30mins
or an hour lorh . but i only late for 10mins .
& there she goes .. !@#$%^&*(

she told me this ,
" actually i dont want to give you your ezlink , cause you're always late . go back & write in a piece of paper say that you'll attend all the assembly . wont be late for lessons . i think she wants me to write this 2 sentence for 100 times? =.=
she must be mad . NAGGING machine .

so i went back to sk , polyclinic to get a MC .
went home & sleep . *happy* lol

some stupid conversations that i had screenshot . lol

leexihong, here's the proof that you scolded me f*uk you la . LOL

nothing much to blog & blogged rubbish here . lol
life getting more & more boring ~

Take a leap of faith.
@ 10:45 PM

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