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Saturday, April 19, 2008,

I'm dead, i'm numb, i cant feel anythiny anymore.
I need to move on, bu ke ne wei le yi ke shu er fang qi zheng ge sheng lin.
Aiya, dont know la. I'm so bored now. Sigh.

Nobody at the wake, except for my uncle.

I seriously love my friends, thanks for coming.
Esp ting, stayed with me till 4plus in the morning.

I'm gonna resign myself after everything is done.
Going to get myself an admin job.
Marketing & sales is really not suitable for me.
I dont even have the fundamental of marketing. =.=

Arghs, im starting school next month 26th. I wanna go SIM to pursue my degree. Still got a long way to go.

I'm okay now, people dont have to worry.
althought both of them had left me forever, life still goes on.
My grandpa is fortunate enough to live till 92 years.
I just dont bear to let him go. I'll be fine.
I'll be okay till the last day, i sure will break down again. (:

I'm still young, there are more guys outside. LOL.
Okay, crap. I know i always change bf like changing clothes.
Bo bian, im still young enough to fool around. LOL.

I'm bored. All i can do is online shopping now.
At the funeral i've nothing to do is only online shopping.
Using my lappy @ here.

But some people change bf like panties, worse than me. LOL =X

Take a leap of faith.
@ 1:21 PM

Friday, April 18, 2008,

he's gone. he's gone forever.
my beloved grandpa. may him rest in peace.

Take a leap of faith.
@ 11:00 AM

Wednesday, April 16, 2008,

Sigh, all i want is you to be back baby. ):
I really regret that i never tell you that i dont mind all those things about you and even the past. I seriously dont mind at all. I might make you feel insecure with me. Sigh. I really regret. When i wanted to cherish you, it's all too late. I really misses you.


We might have many misunderstanding in our communication.
I know im always very impulsive that i didnt make things clear with you.
I never think of what i say. You might be having pressure. But i really dont mind.
Sigh, you might thought that i mind but i didnt say.
For you i seriously dont mind.
But just that i didnt get a chance to let you know.

You know i dont like all these, but this time round i really DONT MIND.

Although it was just a very short period, i really miss those days. ):

I would rather be the one who is always worrying for you.
Bu jian yi mei tian wei ni ti xin tiao dan.

Loving someone doesnt need a reason. Thats why i couldnt find & tell you the reason.
If i can tell you the reason or i know the reason it shall not call love. It's not.

Ai yi ge ren shi mei you li you de, ru guo you de hua, na jiu bu jiao ai.

You seriously drive me crazy when you're gone. Sigh.


I still havent tell you i really dont mind at all. ):

Take a leap of faith.
@ 1:35 AM

Sunday, April 13, 2008,

My blog is rotting? LOL. I suppose.

My grandfather admitted in the hospital. So i volunteer to stay overnight @ Changi Hospital alone. Well done, im too independent to stay there alone can =.=
Baby wanted to come down to accompany me, but i dont want. Sigh.
I cant believe that i stayed overnight alone there. Lilian talked on the phone with from 11pm-4am. Laugh Out Loud! After that she cant take it already, i msg zw ask him if he he's asleep. We talked for an hour. Lilian called me back. LOL. She cant sleep.

Then 6plus baby scared me. Nevermind, not to be mentioned what happened.
Baby came over around 7am to look for me. xDD
I finally can meet him, if not i'll feel very bad about it that i couldnt meet him.
Just meet up awhile only, he didnt sleep last night also.
I missed him so much~

I only got back home around 4pm. =.=
I wore my make-up for more than 24hrs. & my contact lenses for 30hrs.
Wonderful. & Im done now, i still dont wanna sleep. Baby is going to chase me to bed.

I love WuSD! :D

Work tomorrow. Stress. 3 appointments next week. Dead.

Take a leap of faith.
@ 7:57 PM

Sunday, April 06, 2008,

HEHEHE. I'm back.
I went for presentation yesterday. The damn weather bloody hot. I was late, so i wanted to take a cab. & i waited for 20mins finally theres one cab here! So i got in, & tell the driver i want to go Shangri la Walk. He say he dont know, he ask me where isnt. I say its around Amk. He ask me to guide him. KNS.

I dont know thats why i take choose to take a cab right. I told him that i am in a rush i waited for so long, no cab. He ask me to take another one. Knn, i was damn pissed. I scolded him before i get down, "Wtf, you dont know how to drive!? IDIOT!" & i get down and slam the door. LOL. Damn pissed can!?

Okay, the presentation was still okay. I need to come out with a proposal again. Nvm, i think i'll get my manager to do for me, he's our proposal machine. HAHA.

Tomorrow half day off! Woooots :D

Take a leap of faith.
@ 9:34 PM

Friday, April 04, 2008,

I love my blog song. Damn nice uh? lol.

Okay. Few days wasnt in good terms with my boss & manager.
My boss was pushing me too hard that i really stressed up.
I even broke down my house downstairs. =.=

So i treated him as transparent the following day.
So does he. We were having "cold war".

Anyway we are okay now.

& i've done a very silly thing.
I need to make cold calls to schools as they are my potential clients.
So i called one of the school, & i get to talk to the principal.
I requested a presentation with her, but her schedule is tight.
So she asked me this, " Are you working on Saturday?"
Obviously no. But told her no, but we still can meet up.
Nut case right me? I'm not working on weekend leh. =.=
Somemore you know where am i meeting her? Her HOUSE.

Seriously, i think im gone case.=.=

The appointment with her is tomorrow,
if tomorrow night or Sunday i didnt blog..
Shall see on newspaper, "missing person" LOL!
dot dot dot . . .

Hope she see will the potential and/or benefits in our product.
I want it to be successful one. Good luck to me! (:

I am hell bored now.
Currently using lappy! Dad suddenly bought me a lappy.
Lol, now i dont want my desktop already.
Currently got 2 computers & 1 lappy @ home.
Should get one more, then mum & dad no need share one computer.
LOL. Okay im lame. But i still loveees my dad.
He pay for my course fees and get me a new lappy as well.
Wooooots. =D

Take a leap of faith.
@ 11:12 PM

Tuesday, April 01, 2008,

I'm bored, i'm tired. ):

I've just slept for 2.5hrs for about two nights. lol
& i go to work as usual. I'm dead beat now.

Because i was on the phone with someone.
Shall not mention who isnt. lol.

I think im falling sick.
I'm really very tired now.

Boring, nothing much to do in the office.


Take a leap of faith.
@ 11:04 AM

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