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Sunday, October 26, 2008,

Happy 6th months. =D

It's finally half a year, been thru really a lot. It's all bf's patience in me.

Take a leap of faith.
@ 12:24 AM

Wednesday, October 22, 2008,

Aww, i'm so tired. Everyday at work being scolded by customers. Lol
At first Singtel only hire us for price increase in fixed line.
But recently we dont really have customers calling in to complain or ask much about the price increase. I guess singaporean are numb already?
Even my parents have no reaction to the new price increase.

So.. Singtel actually wanted to release us early 2months before our contract ends.
But they also offer us to go to Mobile billing, work rotating shifts.
At first only a few of us wanted to go, in the end i dont know why so many ppl want go also.
But only 7 of us out of 11 were being selected & extend our contract.
So i went to sign my contract again, which is a new 6months contract. Aw, it's better!

As for the rotating shifts sometimes have to work till 12am . Shag.
What to do? Becos of $.$

But i've to say good bye to some of my dear colleagues that we've went thru training & everything together. Sucha a short period have to being tranferred over to Mobile.
Sad, will miss them. (:

Take a leap of faith.
@ 11:09 PM

Sunday, October 05, 2008,

I saw one new comment tagging on my blog. "omg you're so cheap & disgusting."
Thanks passerby for your comment. Indeed i look real disgusting in my previous post for my birthday celebration.

One word for you, W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R.
I seriously dont understand why people like to go & comment others on whether they are ugly, fat, pretty, slim or whatever.
Even people who are as pretty as dawn yang, she was being say by you, all these eat-already-nothing-better-to-do-people.

Five words for you, I DONT GIVE A DAMN.
Yes, i know my tagboard & blog is open for people to tag & read. If you dont like me you can dont come to my blog & read. You can jolly well, f-u-c-k off from my blog. :D

Anyway, i'm here to blog. (:

Yesterday went JB(Malaysia) with bf & his friend, Xiong.
We went city square & terbo city for shopping. Nothing much caught my eye.

The most enjoyable was dinner, we had seafood for dinner.
The price is damn bloody cheap. & the food is nice.

For girls, If you want to get Mango's clothes, Malaysia is selling cheaper than SG. (:

Take a leap of faith.
@ 11:09 AM

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