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Tuesday, November 25, 2008,

I've new hairstyle which i dont like. Last week i went to rebond with mian & her sis.
& i told the hair dresser i want to cut my hair slightly shorter, cos my hair too long. Ended up i guess, we've some communication break down or she dont understand what im trying to say.

My hair become so.. SHORT!

I was so bloody sad that my hair became so short, i miss my long hair. I've never cut so short before. Arse that auntie. The rebonding is good. Cheap somemore. I only pay for $108 for Shiseido rebonding with treatment & do put some cry on highlight to prevent frizzy hair.

Another sad thing is, this whole week i need to work till midnight 12 am.

Is this position all the way till 12 am. Sad man.

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Friday, November 14, 2008,

Sigh, i just get to know my friend passed away few weeks ago.
Im always the last to know this. I just bumped to her few months back at ps. When she saw she even hugged me before she leave the place. Sigh. I feel really sorry for her.

RIP precious, beth.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008,

Gosh, that London slimming treatment sucks totally! I seriously dont like it. I pay to torture myself. People who go for treatments might be satisfy with the out come. But for me i seriously dont. I paid for $65 for the first trail treatment as im under the underweight catergory.

For overweight ladies you can go & try out their treatment for the first-timer as a free trail.

But for my case, i paid to torture myself for the 30mins treatment which is really sucks.
I was being scrap with the lavander hell water retention thingy very hard on my whole body. It was seriously very painful. After that i was being wrapped up with the hot blanket, it was really BURNING. I almost cant breath. It was too hot.

& thats it. I only get to lose about 600grams only. I dont know how the hell someone them can lose so much weight just for a few session? Even ting's friend only lose abt 1-2kg in 10 sessions.
I rather go & exercise which i dont have to pay, i also can lose weight. Just that im too lazy to do so.

After the treatment at night i went to mian's house for supper, already gain back the weight that i previously lose. No point, i dont encourage poeple going for slimming treatment & i'll never go back again.


This photo was being taken by yana while i chewing the choco she gave me during our training.
Ever since i started working full-time after i grad, i've been changing jobs. I've worked as sales promoter as part time during my ITE. After that was Marketing Executive, Admin Assist, Secretary & now Customer Care Office @ SingTel.

Finally after all these while i find that i really like my current job. Although i'll be facing nasty customers almost everyday, being scolded even is not my fault. Make pissed off & everything. But i still like my job.

I dont like to work just for the sake of working. It will just make feel that going to work just for the sake of money & very meaningless. I like my sales promoter job also, which is the longest one almost a year i worked as. I get to meet different people & my purpose of working is to sell my product, let people know we have sucha product that can help their kids. Whenever i sell the product with my own ability which is not easy i'll feel the satisfaction is there.

Just like my current job, i help customer to solve their problems, answer their enquries. After you everything when they say just a "thank you" i'll feel contented. I've help the customer , resolved his problem. & thats my job, im satisfy with what i've done.

Yes, im always facing nasty customers who scolded me when is not my fault, i tend to get angry or i'll put mute & !@#$%^(* then i unmute & change back to my friendly tone to resolve their problems, satisfy their needs & it will satisfy me, i did my job.

I dont like admin jobs, everyday i go to work is look at the computer type, file, type, file. Everyday doing the same thing like so meaningless. Lol.

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Friday, November 07, 2008,

Yes! Tml is the day im looking forward to. I'm going London Weight Management for slimming treatment. Previously i fixed appt with them, but end up i didnt turn up. Due to im still not 18 & need parent's approval.

So this time i already more than 18 years old, i can make decisions myself. Yes, you may think im crazy so skinny still go for slimming? Although im under weight, but still figure is not right. Need to shape up. So after the treatment nobody shall call me fat anymore!

Work work work, everyday work. So tired of it. But im used to working life. I guess after my course ends. I shall stop for a year then i continue with my diploma full time. Study & work really cannot cope. Will go unbalance.

Anyway im really looking forward to tml! Morning work half day, afternoon go for treatment then go for shopping myself, at night go mian's hse for steamboat session. I believe we still got lots of things to gossip about. Lol.

Changed my hp to LG viewty Pink! Why i change that hp is becos is PINK..

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